2013 International Symposium on UHPC in Marseille


The 2nd International Symposium on Ultra High Performance Concrete was held October 1-3 at the National Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations ("MuCEM") in Marseille, France.


2009 - 2013: The growth of UHPC projects

First organized in Marseille in 2009, the goal of this Symposium was to review the previous experiences and knowledge gained through the completion of UHPC projects Four years later, the number of completed UHPC projects has increased dramatically in Europe, North America, Australia, the Middle East and Asia (especially in China and South Korea).

Organized by the AFGC (French Civil Engineering Association), the Symposium attracted more than 400 participants. Several topics were discussed, including: components and behavior of UHPC materials, structural projects, civil engineering and bridges, high profile projects and industrialization.


Ductal® at the core of the research

Lafarge representatives presented several technical papers at the conference - most of them discussing UHPC projects completed in recent years in France and North America, such as:

Architectural (facades & roof systems) 


Renovation/ rehabilitation 

  • Cabon Tourette, France

Structural/ bridges

  • Pont de la République, France
  • Mars Hill Bridge, USA
  • Jakway Park Bridge, USA
  • Rainy Lake Bridge, Canada
  • Sunshine Creek Bridge, Canada
  • Little Cedar Creek Bridge, USA

The Scientific Committee

This event gathered UHPC experts with a Scientific Committee chaired by:

  • Dr. François Toutlemonde (IFSTTAR), France
  • Jacques Resplendino (SETEC-TPI), France
  • Dr. Benjamin Graybeal (FHWA), USA
  • Professor Bruno Massicotte (Ecole Polytechnique Montréal), Canada
  • Professor Junichiro Niwa (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Japan


Symposium de Marseille

To order the new AFGC Recommendations for Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete, visit the website:    http://www.afgc.asso.fr/


Outlook for 2014-2018

The 2013 Symposium in Marseille presented a wide range of architectural and structural UHPC applications for both new and renovation projects. To create a strong case for further UHPC developments over the long term, two important tasks must be completed over the short term:

  • Establish codes and standards specifically for the design and construction of UHPC projects (concluded by François Toutlemonde [IFSTTAR] at the Symposium, as he summarized the future French product code for UHPC) 
  • Develop customized solutions (depending on project constraints) to optimize the cost-performance ratio.