ESTP Cachan: a consistent, homogeneous and protective structure


Designed by Architecture Studio, this new building is a major part of École Spéciale des Travaux Publics (ESTP’s) new dynamic.

Called Louis Vicat, the name of the new building was unveiled during the inauguration evening in the presence of Jacques Merceron-Vicat. It gives the school a new image and will be an important part of the campus’s future development.

The building is wrapped by a Ductal® skin with refined folds beginning on the east facade, enveloping the roof and then downward, on the west side, perfectly covering the building’s large gathering hall.

The oversized panels (with precision cuts performed in the factory) offered superior durability and aesthetics.

Overall, the Ductal® cladding system was the architect’s best solution for this mineral skin, without compromising the project’s budget.

Our large, lightweight Ductal® UHPC (Ultra-High Performance Concrete) rainscreen cladding panels are produced in a wide variety of textures, finishes and colors so you need never sacrifice beauty for practicality. Strong, resistant and flexible, Ductal® cladding fulfils regulatory standards across the board, and ensures you, the architect, get the look that best fits your project.


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Ductal® at a Glance

  • Fiber reinforced ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) offers durable, thin panels
  • Low porosity for extreme durability
  • Ductile behavior due to addition of organic or glass fibers
  • Can be used in ventilated or rainscreen facade systems
  • Can be used alone, combined with other materials or as part of an external thermal insulation system
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