Shenzhen: SHUM YIP UpperHills LOFT


The Shum Yip UpperHills Loft, a Urbanus project, is a high-end commercial complex with 6 high-rise towers containing offices, hotels and business apartments. Adjacent to the CBD and Huaqiangbei shopping district, it is also located between two center parks in Shenzhen. 


Located at the interchange of Sungang Road and Huanggang Road, Futian District, Shenzen city, China, Shumyip project is one of the 20 biggest project to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.  The total construction floors is about 1.2 million m2. The project target to be the top city complex in Asia, include shopping street, mall, reaseach office, LOFT, luxury hotel etc. 13.400 m2 Ductal panels was used in the façade of  LOFT

Why Ductal?

Shumyip project is a one of the key project with high attentions; owner would like to find a solution with high quality and durability, especially considering the impact of climate as coastal city. Secondly, the façade panel requires double skin finishing, Ductal® has very good fluidity, which allow it to be casted in closed mould, and achieve high level surface finishing quality.  Thirdly, the façade is designed as grill, with a 50% perforate ratio, with 20 mm thickness of the panel frame. Comparing with the traditional concrete or GRC solution, Ductal® can easily achieve the designed perforate ratio, no need for rebar or string to reinforce.  

From EGROW point view

At the beginning stage, the project owner explored many solutions, and also tried to get visual mock-up from several GRC manufacture.  However, almost all the other mock-up was broken even during transportation. Hence, it give us an opportunity to present Ductal® solution, and owner was attracted by the performance immediately. We proceed with mock-up, engineering study supported by C&E, and expert review, UHPC was finally selected for the façade material.

From manufacturing process

Ductal® has very good fluidity, which allows it to reflect the mould shape and achieve very high quality surface finishing. Less water consumption reduce the material porosity and improve its durability.

Comparing with traditional concrete solution, Ductal® panel do not need reinforced strings, hence it can achieve very high perforated ratio, and aslo save labor cost and production time.

Ductal® improve the production efficiency. Because it has higher early strength, Ductal® panel can be demoulded after one day. 

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