Aga Khan Centre - London’s King’s Cross


Pritzker Prize-winner Fumihiko Maki has completed an educational centre, with a series of roof spaces, terraces and courtyards for the Aga Khan Foundation in London. A project just achieved with the use of Ductal®. The foundation organizes each year the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, one of the world's most lucrative architecture prizes. 




The newly completed nine story block building hosts research and educational spaces is the latest urban piece of King's Cross development. Aga Khan Foundation center stands next to another major London Ductal® reference work, Gas Holder Triplets Kings Cross, completed in 2017.

Combining pure utilitarian use of natural sun-shadings and inspiration from Arabic community’s cultures around the world, this original lattice design brings tactful cultural reference within the gardens spaces located on roofs, terraces and courtyards inside the educational center. Ductal® has just completed the refine lattices works of the The "Garden of Light". Such refined patterns have been made come true with a careful structural analysis of white Ductal® stainless steel precast panels.


The strong expectation of Aga Khan "is that, from this new home, our education-oriented institutions will contribute powerfully to building new bridges of understanding across the gulfs of ignorance". To our eyes, Ductal® fully embodies such cross-cultural mutual strengthening with a very dedicated mashrabiya application, as concrete cutting edge technology serves harmoniously arabic graphical patterns thanks to exceptional mechanical properties.

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