Community Center: Ductal® Perforated Panels


The Ville de Sedan entrusted architect Philippe Gibert with the construction of the Torcy-Cités Community Center. The façade was covered with perforated panels of Ductal® with organic fibres, allowing freedom from the limitations of natural lighting and glazing protection. Each Ductal® panel with about 300 round perforations, therefore functions as a shade screen by filtering the sunlight. The mineral look of Ductal® also played a primary role in integrating the building with its environment. Grey-blue in colour, the perforated panels produce a subtle light and shadow effect inside during the day and outside at night as well, due to the floodlight installed between the panels and glazing.


Characteristics of the project

  • 4 m x 2 m x 5 cm panels of Ductal® with organic fibres
  • 35% open space
  • Area covered: 330 m²

Key points

  • Location: Sedan, France
  • Architect: Philippe Gibert
  • Client: Ville de Sedan

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