Ductal® rewarded with 4 Awards by the American Concrete Institute (ACI)!


According to the ACI, MuCEM, Jean Bouin Stadium and Mission Bridge are among the world's most creative concrete projects which demonstrate concrete innovation, technology and excellence. These projects have something in common: Ductal®!


Recently, the American Concrete Institute launched the first 2015 "Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards", created to honor and recognize the world's most creative concrete projects.

The Awards Gala, held in conjunction with  the ACI Concrete Convention & Exposition (November 9, 2015 - Denver, Colorado, USA), announced the winners in 5 categories, including 3 Ductal® projects that received 4 Awards; one of them - the MuCEM - attaining the highest honor, the Overall "Excellence" Award!  The 4 Awards include:

MuCEM - Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations - France

Overall Excellence Award and 1st Place for Low-rise Buildings: 2 Awards for the MuCEM!

Designed by architect Rudy Ricciotti, the MuCEM is an avant-garde creation that was the scene of several technical feats, made possible thanks to our ultra-high performance concrete, Ductal®. For the first time in the world, this remarkable project featured 308 columns and two footbridges with no passive reinforcements. At 62m and 115m long, these footbridges provide extremely slender concrete pathways. Additionally, the beautiful, unique facade is comprised of a vast series of intricate roof lattice panels which allow the light and fresh sea air to flow throughout the structure's interior, while acting as a windbreak.

MuCEM : when aesthetic and mechanical performances are brought together

Jean Bouin Stadium - France

1st Place for Decorative Concrete: the Jean Bouin Stadium!

With a capacity for 20,000 spectators, the Jean Bouin Stadium is clad with an undulating facade and roof comprised of 3,600 light grey, self-supporting triangular Ductal® panels. The perforated panels with glass inserts for its 12,000 m2 roof is truly a technical, innovative feat that provides protection from the elements while allowing sunlight to filter through. In addition to Ductal®'s outstanding aesthetic characteristics, the material's superior mechanical performances allowed the lattice to function as a balustrade.

Jean Bouin Stadium (France): Focus on Ductal® UHPC Roof and Façade Panels

Mission Bridge - Canada

1st Place for Repair and Restoration: the Mission Bridge!

Opened to traffic in 1973, the Mission Bridge is a major 4-lane, 1-km long structure that reaches across the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada. Recently, the structure required extensive repair and retrofit to meet current seismic requirements. A critical last step in this retrofit project involved the use of a new Ductal® UHPC pier column "jacket" solution, applied on site to one of the piers on the south shore. Overall, this innovative project demonstrated that Ductal®'s superior properties make it an ideal repair solution for applications that require ductility, crack mitigation and  high resistance to concrete spalling. By comparison to other retrofit solutions (for the pier columns), the Ductal®solution offered a lower cost option and the best aesthetics.



All submitted projects were closely evaluated by an independent panel of esteemed industry professionals. A wide range of criteria was taken into consideration, including: architectural and engineering merit, creativity, innovative construction techniques or solutions, innovative use of materials, ingenuity, sustainability and resilience, and functionality.

These awards represent a significant worldwide achievement for Lafarge's Ductal® Ultra-High Performance Concrete;  clearly a testament to the material's unique,  superior  architectural and structural/engineering performance capabilities that contribute to a new and often unprecedented range of innovative solutions for the concrete industry.

Building on major project successes such as these, Lafarge is now proposing a new standard Ductal® facade solution that will provide the qualities and performances that each urban construction project deserves.

An outstanding innovation for the benefit of all.


Ductal® Prizes

Excellence Award (the highest honor)
MuCEM - France

1st Place Low-rize Building
MuCEM - France

1st Decorative Concrete
Jean Bouin Stadium - France

1st Place Repair and Restoration
Mission Bridge - Canada


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