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Our Ductal® solutions offer the best materials for your project through a process of continuous improvement. Ductal® is designed to help you conceive the buildings of the future, which is why it is essential for us to stay on the cutting edge of research and innovation in the field. Our R&D teams, in conjunction with our academic and industrial partners, have been working for over 20 years to improve Ductal® for existing applications, and to discover new uses for this incredible material.


Developing a great idea requires a great team. For the past 20 years the LafargeHolcim research center and its research and industrial partners have collaborated to make Ductal® the best that it can be. To make innovative buildings for tomorrow’s cities you need an innovative material, and this is what Ductal® has been designed to offer: a unique blend of performance, design and durability.

Of course, the future is always changing and the requirements for your current project may not be the same in a few years time. That is why Ductal® has collaborated with over 15 multidisciplinary university teams from North America and Europe, with contributions coming in the past from Bouygues and Rhodia, as well as other industrial partners. Together they research and continuously improve the different aspects of Ductal® materials in a process of constant evolution.



Ductal®’s microstructure, mechanical properties and possible construction methods are the focus of constant refinement processes, with some projects continuing for over a decade.

The LafargeHolcim R&D center has over 200 researchers ready to support your challenge, whether material or structural. Together we will help find the right solution to ensure you can make your design become a reality. Our dedicated Ductal® R&D team (part of the LafargeHolcim R&D center) continually looks to find improvements on the current solution portfolio while also working on innovative UHPC solutions which will bring added value to our partners.


Examples of our R&D focus points:

  • Dynamic, cyclical and impact behaviour, which are quantified and analyzed to establish physical behavioral models.

  • Durability criteria, which are refined through accelerated tests, physiochemical model testing, and long-term testing in aggressive environments.

  • Construction methods, by using digital models to develop innovative components and processes.
SIte R&D

Ductal® conducted these studies in collaboration with LafargeHolcim’s own Central Research Laboratory (LCR), alongside other prestigious research centers and universities. These universities merge their specific fields of knowledge with a detailed understanding of Ductal®, which they can adapt to suit local building requirements in a variety of locations across North America and Europe. It is thanks to this network that Ductal® has been at the cutting edge of developing UHPC solutions and will continue to be a driving innovative force for years to come.

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Technology & Durability

Ductal® was designed with the architect in mind, comprising a UHPC fiber- reinforced material to improve resistance, ductility and durability combined with a large aesthetic choice of colors and textures.

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Ductal® is a fibrous, ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) for rainscreen cladding solutions and custom built applications like façades, roofs, sunshading or brise soleil.