Mechanical Performances

Years of research and development have honed Ductal®’s key characteristics to ensure exceptional mechanical performances that can withstand significant design challenges. From its resistance to compression to its creep and shrinkage behavior, and fire-resistance, Ductal® allows you to create slender structures with thinner form factors, requiring little or no passive reinforcement for most applications.

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Innovation and R&D

Years of R&D and collaboration go into making Ductal® the solution it is today. See how we continually improve and are always on the lookout for new applications.

Technology & Durability

Ductal® was designed with the architect in mind, comprising a UHPC fiber- reinforced material to improve resistance, ductility and durability combined with a large aesthetic choice of colors and textures.

Discover Ductal®

Ductal® is a fibrous, ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) for rainscreen cladding solutions and custom built applications like façades, roofs, sunshading or brise soleil.