Our Rainscreen Cladding Solutions

Are you an architect or general contractor looking for a mineral alternative for your next rainscreen cladding project?


Our industrialized Ductal® UHPC (Ultra-High Performance Concrete) cladding panel solution is designed to meet the specific requirements needed for a variety different buildings. The use of our fiber-reinforced ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) offers durability, low-porosity, resilience and ductility, ensuring your façade will stand the test of time.

Combined with our standard attachment systems, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently install the customized rainscreen cladding panels of your choice. Our Ductal® solution also combines with other materials and several insulation techniques, including external thermal insulation (ETI) systems. Contact the Ductal® team for more details and if you have specific questions on your project.

Ductal® Rainscreen Cladding Solution - Gentilly Collective Housing Renovation & Construction Program


What is ETI?

Discover Ductal®

Whether destined for public buildings, storefronts, apartments or offices, our Ductal® rainscreen cladding panels offer efficient installation and maintenance, along with exceptional durability. Offer your clients a unique, custom mineral façade thanks to our wide range of textures, finishes and colors in a series of large and thin panels, all while retaining the mineral authenticity of a concrete cladding material.


Ductal® at a Glance

  • Fiber reinforced ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) offers durable, thin panels
  • Low porosity for extreme durability
  • Ductile behavior due to addition of organic or glass fibers
  • Can be used in ventilated or rainscreen facade systems
  • Can be used alone, combined with other materials or as part of an external thermal insulation system
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External Thermal Insulation (ETI)

Looking to improve the thermal comfort and energy efficiency of your project, reducing energy costs for your client or future tenant? External Thermal Insulation (ETI) systems provide the energy efficiency your building requires. Our Ductal® rainscreen cladding solutions fit into ETI systems to provide an elegant, durable solution to protect and green buildings.