Technical Specifications for North American Rainscreen Cladding Panels

Whatever your project, Ductal® rainscreen cladding’s range of styles gives you the tools to add a distinctive flair to your building’s facades. Discover below the technical specifications for North America which highlight the wide variety of textures, finishes and colors available for your project. Strong, resistant and flexible, Ductal® cladding fulfils regulatory standards across the board, and ensures you, the architect, get the look that best fits your project.


No two projects are the same, which is why Ductal® is fully customizable to bring your unique vision to life. From color to corner treatment, Ductal® UHPC can be altered to fit with your design, for modern, durable exteriors with an authentic mineral finish. Choose from our options below to find the size, shape and finish your North American project requires. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, don’t worry; Ductal® is fully customizable so you never have to compromise for the look you want.

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Find yourself outside of North America? Discover our technical specs for Europe.

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Discover Envel, with Ductal® inside


External Thermal Insulation (ETI)

Looking to improve the thermal comfort and energy efficiency of your project, reducing energy costs for your client or future tenant? External Thermal Insulation (ETI) systems provide the energy efficiency your building requires. Our Ductal® rainscreen cladding solutions fit into ETI systems to provide an elegant, durable solution to protect and green buildings.

Our Rainscreen Cladding Solutions

Are you an architect or general contractor looking for a mineral alternative for your next rainscreen cladding project? Whether destined for public buildings, storefronts, apartments or offices, our Ductal® rainscreen cladding panels offer efficient installation and maintenance, along with exceptional durability.