Hydraulic Structures

As a dam owner, engineer or contractor when you look to reinforce or upgrade a dam’s structure, you want to do so knowing you're using an efficient solution that will guarantee long-term durability and resistance. Ideal for protecting hydraulic structures against flood abrasion and impact damage, a simple coating of Ductal® UHPC solution can greatly boost the strength and longevity of your structure, thereby minimizing the time and cost dedicated to maintenance.


Dam Reinforcement

Ductal® dam reinforcement solutions offer your structure the durability and resistance of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC). An essential measure of protection when dams (as well as aprons, piers and spillways) are regularly exposed to severe conditions - including damage from moving solid materials, especially during floods. Add to this the regular hydraulic abrasion that dams are subject to and high maintenance budgets are a distinct reality.

Using our UHPC solution ensures both resistance to hydraulic abrasion and material impacts, limiting costly repair work.


Why choose Ductal®?

  • Ductal® offers both resistance to hydraulic abrasion and impacts.
  • Thanks to its optimized cementitious matrix and the use of metal fibers, Ductal® solutions act like a shield against extreme conditions such as carbonation and freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Ductal® UHPC solutions aim to keep your maintenance costs low thanks to the outstanding durability they bring to your structure.
  • All it takes is a simple coating or layer of UHPC on a pier or spillway to significantly extend its service life.

Ductal® at work

Through our technology and expertise we can provide a tailored UHPC performance to your particular regional circumstances (environment, climate, etc.). The Ductal® solution is also easily workable and can be applied through a variety of different application techniques including pumping or injection in complex formworks. With the help of Ductal®, the rehabilitation of a structure has never been so easy. Contact our team today to speak with our dam renovation experts today about your project details.

Find out more about the Caderousse Dam project

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Joint Fill

Ductal® joint fill connections provide durable, long-lasting solutions for bridge construction & rehabilitation projects that complement Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC).


Ductal®’s innovative bridge overlay system not only protects bridge decks, but improves its structural performance with a cost-effective long-term solution.


Are you a building owner, engineer or contractor looking to update your structure for new tenants? Ductal® offers a simple, safe and efficient solution for your floor reinforcement.