Little Cedar Creek Bridge, Iowa, USA - Precast Elements


The project

The Little Cedar Creek Bridge in Wapello County, Iowa is the first bridge in North America constructed with a Ductal® UHPC waffle deck and joints. This innovative project is the result of a collaboration that includes: Lafarge, the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA), Iowa Department of Transportation, Wapello County, Iowa, Coreslab Structures of Omaha and Iowa State University.

Why Ductal®?

Ductal® UHPC field‐cast connections, when used together with UHPC concrete precast panel systems, results in a solution that is ideal for the construction of new bridges or the rehabilitation of older, deteriorating bridges. Due to the material's combination of superior properties (strength, durability, resiliency, fluidity and increased bond capacity), the advantages are numerous and typically include: improved bridge deck performance; improved continuity and speed of construction and; elimination of field post-tensioning. Other, indirect benefits may include: improved durability; lower maintenance; reduced user inconvenience and; extended usage life.

A grant secured by Coreslab Structures of Omaha, Nebraska, from the FHWA's Highways for LIFE program, along with research funding from the Iowa Highway Research Board, provided the funds to construct this demonstration bridge.

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Video: Full Depth UHPC Waffle Bridge Deck Panels (credit: FHWA)