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Ductal® is an ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) that can be tailored to any project, no matter its complexity and specific needs. Our experts and trained partners, precasters and manufacturers, will adapt the Ductal® formulation to ensure the end product exceeds your expectations. From compressive strength to rheology, fire resistance and impermeability, Ductal® can be adapted to respond to a whole host of specific demands.


As a team of engineers, project managers and construction experts, we know that each individual project is unique and requires tailored responses. We can customize formulations, adjusting the percentage of metallic fibers according to target specifications and performance requirements of your project. Ductal® solutions offer varying matrix compositions to provide you with different levels of compressive strength, ensuring you get a solution adapted to your specific needs. Together, we will make sure you have the most cost-effective solution available. You can also vary the percentage of metallic fibers to suit your target specifications.


Traditional UHPC formulas are self compacting and perfectly suited to fill empty spaces or complex formwork. However, on an incline, traditional formulas have a tendency to slide down the slope. In order to respond to a range of project needs, the LafargeHolcim Research Center has developed a Ductal® thixotropic solution, a specific formula which allows application on inclined surfaces (up to 10%).


Contact us today! The Ductal® team is on hand to provide you with all of the details regarding our range of products and to help you find the best price on your chosen UHPC solution. They will also suggest the best application process to suit your requirements, according to location, budget, environment and climate.

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Our Services

Ductal®'s team of experts has extensive technical expertise to meet client needs in project development, construction and technical assistance and quality control.

Purchasing Ductal®

Looking to take on a structural engineering project that requires the durability, resistance and efficiency of a Ductal® UHPC solution?

Why Use Ductal®?

For engineering projects of all shapes and sizes, where optimized long-term performance is a must, you can count on Ductal®'s unique mechanical properties and exceptional durability to meet all your UHPC needs.