Rainy Lake Bridge, Ontario, Canada - Joint Fill


The Rainy Lake Bridge, which spans a Canadian National Railway line in Ontario, is truly innovative. On this project, Ductal® was used for the first time in a new field-cast joint fill solution for a bridge superstructure/precast deck system - specially developed for the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO).


Through its design, testing and construction, this important project validates a precast bridge deck with a 200 mm wide joint, compared to a conventional design with a 600 mm wide joint. Also, because a precast deck panel system was used along with the Joint Fill, the bridge reopened to traffic in just 48 hours!

This unique project demonstrates numerous direct benefits with a Ductal® joint fill solution including: reduced joint size and complexity, improved tolerances, reduced site risk and fast construction. Indirect benefits include: improved durability, reduced maintenance, extended usage life and overall cost savings. With proven success of the Rainy Lake project, the MTO has continued to use Ductal Joint Fill solution several other bridge projects.

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