Foksal Gallery Foundation


The Foksal Gallery Foundation art gallery, an iconic example of 1960s architecture, has been given a radical renovation, by reducing the weight of the facade, providing thermal insulation and restoring the mineral appearance of exposed concrete.


Concrete facade renewal

The twelve panels of gray Ductal® with organic fibers, measuring 7.21 m x 3.46 m, met all the challenges demanded by the project to refurbish the facade of the Foksal Gallery Foundation in Warsaw: a structural requirement to lighten the load borne by the original beams and an esthetic requirement to restore the mineral appearance of exposed concrete to improve architectural continuity with adjacent buildings.

For Laurent Fehr, of Fehr Architecture, the contractor entrusted with manufacturing and installing the panels, “only Ductal® could simultaneously fulfill these two ambitions of the Swiss architects, Diener & Diener. Working with the Ductal® team, the architect could utilize panels of very large dimensions. Each façade panel was made to measure, to incorporate the doors and windows and produced in a range of demanding molded finishes with up to five relief patterns. Ductal® made it possible to work with these exceptional dimensions with a weight that is three times less than traditional precast concrete panels. This is mainly achieved by having a thickness of only 4 cm, which offers the additional advantage of saving space to ensure better thermal insulation.”

As the first application of UHPC in Poland, this project demonstrates how high-tech cladding can enhance the image of a building with strong connotations, and provide a suitable renewal of a mineral facade.

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