Innovative products and solutions with enhanced performance

The construction sector will be a key player in responding to global changes such as demographic change and urban development. In particular, improving the energy efficiency of buildings can contribute significantly to reducing energy use and carbon footprints. LafargeHolcim is leading the industry in the development and implementation of innovative cement, concrete and aggregates solutions for more sustainable buildings.

Buildings account for 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions and consume 90% of their total energy during usage (source: International Energy Agency).  Demographic change and urban development will require large-scale construction programs of housing and infrastructure concurrent with an increased pressure on strategic resources.

Innovative products and solutions with enhanced environmental performance

LafargeHolcim believes that building materials and solutions must provide answers to these challenges. Cement and concrete-based solutions can improve building energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprints.

We have leveraged our innovation and research capabilities to develop state-of-art sustainable products and solutions with enhanced environmental performance in most of our product lines:

  • Low carbon cements,
  • Recycled aggregates, including demolition waste, and
  • Sustainable concrete solutions, including pervious concrete, insulating concrete systems and solutions, low CO2 concrete, and concrete with high recycled content.

Inclusive business programs to address social needs

LafargeHolcim runs inclusive business initiatives. Based on the Group’s core activities and involving local populations as producers or consumers, they are meant to address social needs and benefit the business, thus creating shared value. 

Examples of such programs include:

  • Affordable housing programs underway in more than 20 countries that incorporate LafargeHolcim products to increase access to housing for low-income families.  
  • Sanitation programs that provide access to affordable, safe, and healthier sanitation conditions to populations.
  • Responsible agro-forestry projects that develop agricultural activities for local communities as well as potential biomass carbon-neutral fuels for our operations. LafargeHolcim only engages in agricultural projects that do not compete with food production.