New facility for Alzheimer patients care: a double-skin lattice in Ductal®


The project

The agency of Philippon-Kalt Architectes-Urbanistes was entrusted with the renovation and expansion of a unique care facility (EHPAD), exclusively dedicated to people suffering from Alzheimer's. in the Rue Blanche, Paris, France.

The building's façade was entirely restructured and surrounded with a self-supporting lattice-style system in white Ductal®, consisting of a series of tall, thin "blades" or columns (6m-long, 20 to 65 cm-wide and 7 to 12 cm-thick). Resembling bamboo stems swaying in the wind, the lattice system surrounds a 1,000 m² surface area for the 22m-high building. The façade allows plenty of the light to filter through to the rooms inside, ensuring that the patients receive a daily dose of sunshine.

The layout of the blades is different from one to another, in order to: maximize the beautiful external view; allow the daylight to permeate the interior and; to regulate the temperature of the building.

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