Weleda: Ductal® Watertight Roof


Architect Maryam Ashford-Brown designed a new building for the Weleda pharmaceutical laboratory in Huningue, Alsace, France. The lobby has a Ductal® AF (anti-fire) roof with openings and low thermal conductivity glazing that help to decrease heat loss. The strength of Ductal® facilitated the design of 12.75 m long ribbed, perforated slabs that are less than 6 cm thick and painted white.


Characteristics of the project

  • Perforated roof ensuring fire resistance
  • Nine slabs of Ductal® AF 2.5m x 12.75m x 6 cm thick (except ribbing)
  • 285 m2 total area

Key points

  • Location: Huningue (Alsace), France
  • Engineer: OTE Ingéniérie
  • Architect: Maryam Ashford-Brown
  • Client: Weleda
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