Why Use Ductal®?

For engineering projects of all shapes and sizes, where optimized long-term performance is a must, you can count on Ductal®'s unique mechanical properties and exceptional durability to meet all your UHPC needs.

Our Solutions

Ductal® solutions are customizable to ensure you have the right performance, blend and treatments to best realize your project.

Our Services

Ductal®'s team of experts has extensive technical expertise to meet client needs in project development, construction and technical assistance and quality control.

Bridge Solutions

Whether looking to build a new bridge or rehabilitate an existing one, Ductal® UHPC can be used in a range of different applications. From joint fill to connect precast elements to bridge deck overlays to ensure...

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When a building’s purpose changes its structure must change with it. Ductal®’s easy-application and durable UHPC overlays can quickly transform flooring to adapt to and reinforce a building’s new function.

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Hydraulic Structures

If you’re dam owner or engineer looking for a UHPC solution for dam reinforcement that offers long-lasting, durable protection for hydraulic structures then look no further than Ductal®.

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Joint Fill

Ductal® joint fill connections provide durable, long-lasting solutions for bridge construction & rehabilitation projects that complement Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC).


Ductal®’s innovative bridge overlay system not only protects bridge decks, but improves its structural performance with a cost-effective long-term solution.

Pier Jacketing

Ductal® strengthens and protects bridges from a variety of environmental factors when used as a cover around an existing pier or column through pier jacketing.