About Ductal®

Discover what our Ductal® UHPC solution and our team are all about: from its specific properties, mechanical performance and means of distribution to the years of R&D and collaboration that have gone in, and continue to be carried out, to make Ductal® the advanced building solution it is today. We hope this information answers all of your questions, but no matter what, the Ductal® team stands at the ready to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today.


Discover Ductal®

Ductal® is a ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete (UHPC) for rainscreen cladding solutions, custom built applications like façades, roofs, sunshading or brise soleil as well as for a building’s structural elements


Our Service & Solutions

Our team is made up of trained architects, engineers and contractors. As such, we speak your language and can respond to all of your questions. Discover our service and our wide range of solutions.


Ductal® Distribution

Our solutions are developed centrally at our R&D centers before being licensed to precasters and manufacturers around the world. Learn more about Ductal®’s distribution.


Innovation & R&D

Years of R&D and collaboration go into making Ductal® the solution it is today. See how we continually improve and are always on the lookout for new applications.

Technology & Durability

Ductal® was designed with the architect in mind, comprising a UHPC fiber- reinforced material to improve resistance, ductility and durability combined with a large aesthetic choice of colors and textures.

Mechanical Performance

Unique mechanical performance allows you to create slender structures with thinner form factors, requiring little or no passive reinforcement for most applications.

Engineering Solutions

Ductal® is a fibrous UHPC solution that is right at home in the diverse environments of engineering projects where its unique mechanical properties and durability provide an optimized performance. Applications span the full gamut of engineering applications and are based on proprietary formulas developed and traded by LafargeHolcim for over 25 years.