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Whether you're building the next iconic museum or stadium for your city or designing efficient, affordable, modern and aesthetic housing, offices or storefronts, Ductal® offers the right combination of form and function to make sure your project is a success. Choose between custom-made shapes, colors and textures for breathtaking façades, roofs or latticework, or opt for our standardized rainscreen cladding solution for the perfect mix of beautiful mineral design and the competitive pricing you need.


Ductal® is an ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC), reinforced by organic, metallic, stainless steel or glass fibers. Versatile and at the cutting edge of innovation, new applications for this product are continually being discovered. When its technical and aesthetic qualities are combined with the Ductal® team of experts, you will be able to realize your most ambitious projects like never before.

Ductal® in brief:

  • Combines an ultra-high performance mineral matrix with either organic, metallic, stainless steel or glass reinforcing fibers.
  • Specifically-designed and developed for architectural applications.
  • Provides architects and designers with the freedom to create complex textures, surfaces and shapes for a wide range of applications.
  • Offers exceptional strength, ductility and durability while reducing the "form factor". Many pieces are significantly thinner and require little or no traditional reinforcement.

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Ductal® Precasting, Atrium panels Canada


Ductal® precast elements are produced and distributed by our network of licensed manufacturers and precasters. All of our manufacturers and precasters are selected specifically for their ability to produce Ductal® according to a strict production process following customized training for their particular environment, local conditions and available raw material. Strict Ductal® quality control measures ensure the excellence of the final product. 

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The right solution for your project

Ductal® is the choice material for the most creative architects and the most demanding projects. And it’s no wonder! It’s a family of ultra-high performance concretes and each model provides a unique combination of superior properties: strength, ductility, durability, aesthetics and sustainability.


At your service

Let our expertise and ingenuity take your projects to the next level. The Ductal® team of experts is committed to helping architects and engineers find and optimize its material. And our specialized Ductal® presentations are available to help you get the most out of Ductal®. What makes us different is our team’s unique experience and know-how in the world of mineral construction materials, providing exceptional support for your most creative projects.

The Ductal® touch

We’re here to help ensure our Ductal® solution is perfectly adapted to your project and specific goals. Get in touch with our team today!

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Our Service & Solutions

Our team is made up of trained architects, engineers and contractors. As such, we speak your language and can respond to all of your questions. Discover our service and our wide range of solutions.

Ductal® Distribution

Our solutions are developed centrally at our R&D centers before being licensed to precasters and manufacturers around the world. Learn more about Ductal®’s distribution.

Innovation and R&D

Years of R&D and collaboration go into making Ductal® the solution it is today. See how we continually improve and are always on the lookout for new applications.