Our service: the Ductal® touch

Ductal® is a high performance material that benefits from a dedicated team of experts to help guide you to the perfect solution for your project or design. As a team of trained architects, engineers and contractors we know exactly the types of challenges you face and how best to respond. We speak your language and can help develop the right Ductal® solution that fits your project and budget.


Let our expertise and ingenuity take your projects to the next level. Our team of experts is committed to helping architects and contractors find the right Ductal® application for their project or, if it doesn’t exist, create a new one. We accompany your project right from the very beginning, offering support in choosing the right Ductal® product and licensed manufacturer who can best meet your needs, on time and on budget.

We work closely with our licensed precasters worldwide who will ensure that production and final delivery for your project are completed while maintaining the highest of standards. We can also offer our assistance to installers who would like to know more about the Ductal® product they are installing. With Ductal®, you will never feel like you’ve just bought a product, what you get is a complete construction solution with the technical assistance to match.

Speak to our team to determine the right Ductal® solution for your next project. Fill out the form on the right-hand side of this page today.


Ductal® 101

We offer specialized Ductal® presentations to ensure you get the most out of Ductal®. Whether you’re an architect or general contractor, we provide the necessary information to use Ductal® on your next project, illustrating its many applications and aesthetic characteristics. Thanks to our team’s unique experience and know-how in the world of mineral construction materials you will feel comfortable proposing Ductal® as a solution of choice, confident in its ability to respond to the toughest technical and design challenges.

We’re here to help ensure our Ductal® solution is perfectly adapted to your project and specific goals. Get in touch with our team today!


Ductal® Solutions

  • Ductal® Solutions - No. 14 (pdf, 2.29 MB)
  • Ductal® Solutions - No. 15 (pdf, 2.77 MB)
  • Ductal® Solutions - No. 16 (pdf, 2.53 MB)
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Ductal® Distribution

Our solutions are developed centrally at our R&D centers before being licensed to precasters and manufacturers around the world. Learn more about Ductal®’s distribution.

Innovation and R&D

Years of R&D and collaboration go into making Ductal® the solution it is today. See how we continually improve and are always on the lookout for new applications.

Discover Ductal®

Ductal® is a fibrous, ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) for rainscreen cladding solutions and custom built applications like façades, roofs, sunshading or brise soleil.