Technology & Durability

Ductal® is the result of years of research and development to create a large range of ultra-high performance concretes (UHPC), offering technical solutions for buildings, infrastructure and civil engineering. Designed with the architect in mind, Ductal®’s unique mineral makeup brings a host of benefits, from improved resistance and less maintenance, to aesthetics, ductility and durability.


The technology

  • Enhanced ductile performance 

High carbon metallic fibers, stainless fibers, poly-vinyl alcohol (PVA) fibers or glass fibers lend Ductal® its unique ability to withstand deformation and support flexural and tensile loads even after initial cracking. As every project is different, we can customize the fiber and chemical formulations according to your needs. Ductal® can be adapted to requirements concerning strength and rheology, exposure to corrosive agents, aesthetic design and exposure to human contact..

  • Very low porosity

We have optimized Ductal®’s matrix, fibers and admixtures to create maximum compactness and a small, disconnected pore-structure. The result of the combination of fine powders chosen for their relative grain size and chemical reactivity is a cement-based granulometric matrix that is highly resistant to carbonation and penetration from chlorides, acids and sulphates.

  • Improved toughness and bond control

Ductal®’s microstructural properties strengthen the bond between the matrix and fiber resulting in a material that has increased load bearing capabilities, and requires less maintenance over an increased life-span.

  • Manufacturing

Ductal® makes the construction process easier: it is designed to suit  prestressed applications, removes the requirement for reinforcing steel (longitudinal rebars and stirrups) and can be used as a self-placing or sprayed material.

  • Granular material with a diameter of less than 1 mm.
  • Highly reduced water-cement ratio (between 0.19 and 0.28).
  • High fiber content and isotropic dispersion come from the elimination of coarse aggregates, Ductal®’s granular gradation and its fiber aspect ratio.
Organic fiber

Focus on durability

If you want your project to stand the test of time, you will need to protect it against the elements. With a completely closed microstructure, Ductal® is impermeable to almost any aggressive agent, and has a very high durability compared to cementitious materials.

Ductal® can offer you:

  • Chemical stability & resistance to leaching

Ductal® is not subject to endogenous deterioration processes (DEF, thaumasite, Acali-reaction, swelling of residual anhydrous clinker, etc.) and has extremely long service lifetimes even under extreme conditions.

  • Resistance to acid attack

Ductal® demonstrates high resistance even under extremely harsh conditions where ordinary concretes would suffer serious damage. Ductal® samples have shown resistance to various aggressive elements (calcium sulfate, sodium sulfate, acetic acid, ammonium sulfide, nitrates, seawater and distilled water).

  • Self-healing properties

Aging tests have highlighted Ductal®’s ability to ‘heal' itself, resulting in diminished maintenance requirements.

  • Impermeability

Ductal® showed resistance to the formation of humidity and water droplets after 24 hours of exposure in a water tank. This impermeability also makes Ductal® suitable for roofing.


Standards for Architectural Applications

Looking to use Ductal® for your next project? If you are working in France, you can check out the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB)’s technical evaluations of Ductal® which can accelerate administrative and authorization procedures. The evaluation provides a full material validation and complete collection of feedback on Ductal®, while also serving as a reference for the technical assessment procedures (ATEX, Technical Approval).

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