Innovative Solutions

Each bridge project has its own set of challenges. Our Ductal® experts will work with you to find the best solution with the proper placement technique for your specific application. That’s why we have devised a number of innovative solutions to bring you all the benefits of Ductal®’s unique properties to render your structure more durable and resistant. Whether precast or cast-in-place, our solutions are tailored to your particular needs.


Innovative Solutions

To help you navigate the many considerations necessary in bridge construction, we have developed numerous solutions that bring you:

  • Increased strength and load-bearing capacity
  • Resistance to cracking due to the inclusion of steel fibers
  • Protection from elements, including water penetration and leaks
  • Durability to withstand the harshest environments
  • Low maintenance
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Joint Fill

Ductal® joint fill connections provide durable, long-lasting solutions for bridge construction & rehabilitation projects that complement Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC).


Ductal®’s innovative bridge overlay system not only protects bridge decks, but improves its structural performance with a cost-effective long-term solution.

Pier Jacketing

Ductal® strengthens and protects bridges from a variety of environmental factors when used as a cover around an existing pier or column through pier jacketing.