Purchasing Ductal®

Looking to take on a structural engineering project that requires the durability, resistance and efficiency of a Ductal® UHPC solution? Whether through our network of licensed and trained precasters and manufacturers or using our tailored solutions for on-site pours, find out how to make Ductal® the centerpiece of your next project.


Ductal® is sold as a packaged solution in a kit that includes the premix powder, fibers and admixtures to a network of partners who transform the premix locally. These licensed precasters and manufacturers are then allowed to sell directly to engineers, contractors and structure owners for use on individual projects. All Ductal® solutions undergo rigorous quality control of initial raw materials as well as the final premix before delivery to sub-licensees. This ensures outstanding performance of the end product that meets or exceeds client expectations. The Ductal® portfolio includes a large range of premix packages, each with different mechanical properties to meet a project’s specific application and geographic location.

Our solutions can be broadly dispatched into two types of applications:


For cast-in-place applications please contact our sales team to obtain a quote for your particular project. Our experts will review your requirements to determine the best formulation to fit with your requirements, in addition to suggesting options for batching and on-site placement. Our experts are also available to accompany your project in situ from setup through to final inspection. Each project is unique and we always tailor our offer to suit your individual needs, time and budget.


Ductal® is distributed throughout a network of trained precasters and manufacturers who are qualified to work with our solution. These licensed professionals then sell Ductal® precast elements directly to customers according to specific project needs. All of our precasters and manufacturers go through a rigorous selection process and are then trained in standard operation procedures to ensure quality control of the final end product.

Contact us today so that we can analyze your needs and put you in touch with the right precaster nearest you. The precaster will then be able to review your project and provide a quote tailored to your needs.

When purchasing Ductal® solutions you also have access to the expertise and wide range of services of our dedicated team of experts. They are on hand to accompany you throughout the lifespan of your project, from design phase onwards.

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Our Services

Ductal®'s team of experts has extensive technical expertise to meet client needs in project development, construction and technical assistance and quality control.

Our Solutions

Ductal® solutions are customizable to ensure you have the right performance, blend and treatments to best realize your project.

Why Use Ductal®?

For engineering projects of all shapes and sizes, where optimized long-term performance is a must, you can count on Ductal®'s unique mechanical properties and exceptional durability to meet all your UHPC needs.