Why use Ductal®?

For engineering projects of all shapes and sizes, where optimized long-term performance is a must, you can count on Ductal®'s unique mechanical properties and exceptional durability to meet all your UHPC needs. Backed by 25 years of LafargeHolcim's world-leading and proprietary UHPC expertise, Ductal® offers you strong, durable and innovative applications in the most demanding industries, from transport (airports, ports) and energy to infrastructure and mining.


Ductal® is an ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC), reinforced by metallic or stainless steel fibers. Its unique combination of properties such as imperviousness, resilience and ductility allow it to perform even in the most extreme conditions. Its unique matrix allows it to stand up to the most demanding of structural application challenges.

Ductal® in brief:

  • Combines an ultra-high performance mineral matrix with either metallic or stainless steel reinforcing fibers.
  • Formulations are continuously refined and improved to ensure wide-ranging performance.
  • Provides engineers with long-lasting performance, enhanced durability, exceptional strength and resistance to chemicals and damaging environmental factors.

Meeting your long-term performance needs

Ductal® has an excellent resistance to deterioration which gives your engineering project a longer service lifespan and reduces its maintenance needs. Thanks to a unique combination of superior UHPC properties: strength, imperviousness, chemical resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, ductility, among others, Ductal® ensures that you get long-lasting performance without compromising on quality and safety.

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Our Services

Ductal®'s team of experts has extensive technical expertise to meet client needs in project development, construction and technical assistance and quality control.

Our Solutions

Ductal® solutions are customizable to ensure you have the right performance, blend and treatments to best realize your project.

Purchasing Ductal®

Looking to take on a structural engineering project that requires the durability, resistance and efficiency of a Ductal® UHPC solution?