Apartment Block - Paris France


A stone-like cladding for a lightweight facade thanks to the Ductal® cladding panel solutions!


A building containing eleven low-energy apartments on the east side of Paris, designed by architects Philippon-Kalt, has been planned to meet all of the environmental requirements set by the City of Paris, requirements which often go beyond French regulations, particularly with regard to thermal efficiency.

That is why there is a big interest in industrial players capable of investing in the development of new materials and new building solutions such as the Ductal® cladding panel solution.

This project is a solution for a stone-like cladding applied to a wood frame structure; to blend into the existing streetscape and use external thermal insulation of the highest quality.

The big advantage of Ductal® lies in the thinness of the panels, which makes it possible maintain reasonable dimensions for the facade.

As a very fluid material, Ductal® also has a surface quality that is visually superior to traditional concretes while retaining the authenticity of a mineral material.

The Ductal® cladding panel solution delivers the detailed layout of design expected by the architect and maintains the personality for this small apartment building.

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Ductal® Rainscreen Cladding Panel Solution: an Architect's Perspective

Ductal® Rainscreen Cladding Panel Solution: an Architect's Perspective