Joint Fill

Looking for the ideal solution for your bridge construction and rehabilitation project? Ductal® joint fill solutions answer the call for infrastructure longevity, durability and resilience. It offers superior bonding characteristics in a fast-setting, durable UHPC mix. Ductal® is the right answer to the dual demands of long-lasting infrastructure and Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques to ensure minimal disruption to traffic, safety and cost effectiveness.


Are you a bridge owner or engineer looking to ensure the strength and longevity of your connections between precast elements? If so, then Ductal® joint fill provides the answer to developing long-lasting, durable bridges and connections. In fact, the US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recognizes UHPC as the preferred solution for sustainable and durable connections of precast bridge elements to address three key challenges: safety, traffic flow management and infrastructure longevity.

What is joint fill?

Joint fill is an application in which Ductal® UHPC is used to connect prefabricated bridge elements, such as precast deck panels or substructure elements, for improved performance and longevity when compared to conventional materials.

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Not only does Ductal® bond exceptionally well to existing concrete surfaces with proper surface preparation, it can develop the full yield strength of reinforcing bars with minimal embedment lengths. For instance, a typical #5 (16 mm or 0.625 in diameter) epoxy-coated steel rebar only requires 127 mm (5 in) of embedment into UHPC to fully develop. This allows you to substantially reduce the size of connection joints between prefabricated elements without any loss in strength or resistance.

Ductal® provides a reliable and highly durable, cost-effective solution in any environmental reality, from sub-zero temperatures to high-seismic zones. Its advanced bonding ability minimizes permeability and removes any concern of deck leakage at precast joint interfaces, while also offering enhanced durability properties and minimizing the risk of longitudinal cracking.

When combined with our experts’ engineering, construction and technical assistance (available from day one of your project), Ductal® UHPC is the right solution for your bridge construction or rehabilitation needs.

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Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)

Are you a bridge owner or engineer with bridges in high traffic or remote areas? One of your primary concerns will surely be the downtime necessary to repair or rehabilitate your existing bridge and the subsequent traffic disruption that will accompany it. With that in mind, Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques can be employed to cut construction time and reduce disruption for users. If on-site construction time is one of your key concerns, Ductal®’s durable connection solutions and high early-strength capabilities can provide the optimal solution.


What is Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)?

The US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) defines ABC as: “bridge construction that uses innovative planning, design, materials and construction methods in a safe and cost-effective manner to reduce on-site construction time when building new bridges or replacing and rehabilitating existing bridges.”


Ductal® UHPC provides new solutions for ABC and remote area bridge construction through the use of precast concrete bridge components connected with field cast UHPC. The combination of precast bridge elements and UHPC’s inherent qualities ensures bridge performance is advanced, accelerated and improved.

The benefits of using Ductal® UHPC in ABC projects include:

  • Minimum interruption
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced joint size and complexity
  • Improved durability
  • Improved continuity
  • Speed of construction
  • Elimination of post tensioning
  • Extended service life
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Ductal®’s innovative bridge overlay system not only protects bridge decks, but improves its structural performance with a cost-effective long-term solution.

Innovative Solutions

Ductal® offers your bridge project a range of precast or cast-in-place solutions to suit any of your bridge construction or rehabilitation needs.

Pier Jacketing

Ductal® strengthens and protects bridges from a variety of environmental factors when used as a cover around an existing pier or column through pier jacketing.