Pérez Art Museum Miami: tall, thin mullions provide strength and aesthetics!


Approximately 100 long-span Ductal® UHPC mullions support an expansive curtain wall glazing system with the world’s largest impact and hurricane-resistant windows (at the time of construction).


The Pérez Art Museum ("PAMM") is a modern and contemporary art museum situated in downtown Miami, Florida.
Surrounded by a 12 hectare park, it offers 200,000 ft2 (61,000 m2) of indoor/outdoor space for the display of art, educational activities, relaxation and dining. It also overlooks Biscayne Bay, where tropical storms or hurricanes and exposure to the salt/sea air can cause serious problems for buildings.

These harsh environmental conditions, along with the need for public safety and art preservation, meant that the building materials had to meet numerous rigid aesthetic and durability requirements. Ductal® met these requirements -- including superior resistance to hurricane force winds, impact, abrasion and salt/sea air.

Hence, the architect chose Ductal® for the production of approximately 100 long-span (16 ft [4.9 m]) mullions to support the building's expansive curtain wall glazing system... the world’s largest impact and hurricane-resistant windows (at the time of construction). The tall, thin mullions, produced by a local precaster, were designed to blend with cast-in-place elements and minimize view obstructions. First, a full-scale Ductal® mock-up was produced and subjected to a series of extreme environmental tests. The mock-up passed all tests, with no visible damage or uncontrolled leakage. The tests also allowed the mullions to meet Florida Building Code requirements including "Cyclical Wind Pressure Loading" (Hurricane Testing).

Top and bottom connector plates were welded onto each mullion to secure and stabilize the elements for transportation to the site. Upon arrival, they were pulled from their containers, installed in place and the hurricane-resistant glass panes were then attached.

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LEED Gold Rating


In 2015, Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) received a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Rating for its innovative and sustainable design, use of local and recycled materials, and location with access to public transportation.