Do you want more than just bridge protection out of your overlay system? Ductal®’s bridge overlay solutions are designed to bring you even more. Whereas a conventional overlay will do little more than prevent deterioration from water penetration and de-icing salts, and will require treatment and replacing in the short-run, our Ductal® structural overlay provides long-term durability, improved deck protection and increased deck strength.


Ductal® significantly improves the performance capacity of your existing bridge deck, taking a load off your structure and offering you value for money as a bridge owner, engineer or contractor. Ductal®’s UHPC thixotropic structural overlay solution was developed to remain fluid when agitated but stay in place when left to set. Most bridges are built with a sloped surface, and a self-leveling product can easily slide out of place. With this in mind, our thixotropic formulation was developed to permit placement on bridge decks with up to 10% slope.

If you’re looking for a concrete bridge overlay that goes the extra mile, our solution provides you with the deterioration prevention properties of a standard overlay, along with all of the following extra benefits:

Chillon Viaducts, Ductal® overlay solution, WALO Bertschinger partner, Switzerland
  • Improve structural behavior of the deck (rigidity) and resistance
  • Increases strength of existing superstructure when composite action is provided
  • Increases longitudinal rigidity at a fraction of the thickness of traditional reinforced concrete
  • Densely packed fine particles stop the ingress of water that could trigger Alkali Aggregate Reactions (AAR), while rendering the overlay weatherproof
  • Steel fibers give tensile strength hardening which prevent cracking, spalling, and scaling, even under heavy stress from road traffic and deicing chemicals
  • Reduces load on existing structures (by using low quantities of UHPC), contributing to their overall integrity and longevity
  • Can also be used to rehabilitate a deck instead of a full deck replacement
  • Quick to implement
  • Highly cost effective: job time reduced, structure lifetime extended and lower maintenance costs

Since its development at our French research center in Lyon this innovative solution has been used successfully in projects across Europe and the US.

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A UHPC Ductal overlay for the Viaduct of Cudrex

A UHPC Ductal overlay for the Viaduct of Cudrex

Check how structural overlay with Ductal® UHPC saved the Cudrex viaduct in Switzerland from being completely rebuilt...

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