Interview of Jean Kalt and Brigitte Philippon, architects of Rue Blanche Ehpad Alzheimer project


Jean Kalt and Brigitte Philippon architects for Philippon-Kalt Architectes

How did you learn about Ductal®?

We first discovered Ductal® at the Batimat trade show in Paris, about four years ago. We also researched and found information about the material on various websites.

Why choose this UHPC from Lafarge?

In the case of our "EHPAD Alzheimer" (nursing home for Alzheimer patients) project, we were seeking flexibility and subtlety in order to create a mineral and perennial lattice system. From the beginning, our project had been imagined in white Ductal® with organic fibers, different from the grey material with metallic fibers, for a less cluttered aspect.


If the project requires it, we would use Ductal® again, with no hesitation.

Jean Kalt et Brigitte Philippon

For you, what are the advantages of Ductal® over more traditional materials?

Mainly its finished surface aspect and structural qualities.

Was it complicated to implement?

At the beginning of the project, the Ductal® columns were supported by fire bridges as sidings. This meant that the bridges had to be thick enough, but we also wanted them to be discreet in order to avoid contradicting the verticality of the bamboo columns. To keep the bridges thin, Lafarge, Fehr and Sicra worked together with our team to make the Ductal® front façade of the building, with a self-supporting height of over 22m. The ATEx ("l'Appréciation Technique d'Expérimentation" or Technical Experimental Assessment) was obtained in just 9 months, which is a record.

Do you plan to use Ductal® again?

If the project requires it, we would use Ductal® again, with no hesitation. Maybe next time our ambition will be to make it load-bearing.

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