Bearch presents two conferences in Morocco: “The art of building with architectural concrete”


A subsidiary of Jet Alu Maroc, Bearch is the first precaster in Africa to offer UHPC/Ductal® solutions. With proven experience on the Rabat-Salé Airport, the company now targets their efforts towards working with architects in in Morocco, where development potential is high.



Rabat Salé Airport

Bearch presents two conferences in Morocco: “The art of building with architectural concrete”

The first Ductal® project completed by Bearch was a 1,600 m2 UHPC "double skin" lattice façade with a perforation rate of 70% for the Rabat-Salé Airport. The superior mechanical performances of UHPC/Ductal® have convinced the precaster of the many benefits and innovative solutions that may be realized.

"This project was prescribed in Ductal®. Steel elements for instance would have been more expensive, heavier and costly to maintain on a long term basis" explains Salma Ziadi, Project Manager at Bearch. "So we acquired the Ductal® license and received the training."


UHPC/Ductal® meets the needs of the African architectural market

In order to be competitive in Africa, Bearch positioned the company in line with the needs of the local architectural market. With the ability to develop and produce innovative UHPC solutions, they target projects with architectural elements such as lattice panels, lightweight façades and sunshades.

"For us, the benefits of UHPC are many, especially its mechanical performances and aesthetic qualities. In Morocco, we work a lot on mashrabiya, which traditionally is quite perforated. Since no reinforcement is needed with UHPC,it is perfectly adapted for these type of elements. We also offer UHPC sunshades, which are often specified in aluminum - a material that captures the heat and (in summer) leads to an over-consumption of energy for air-conditioning. Using Ductal® has a real added value here. As well, the aesthetic qualities of Ductal® meet other requirements: a wide range of colors, smooth and thinner elements and a beautiful surface finish."

Consequently, Bearch is also using Ductal® for a project with sunshades that will cover a surface of 1,200 m2 on the façades of the Casa Port Station and offices in Casablanca. This project, currently under construction, is the result of a close collaboration between Bearch and Lafarge.

Bearch in Morocco

Creating new development initiatives for UHPC in Morocco

"The aim of these conferences was to introduce the UHPC solutions to architects and raise awareness about cost optimization on a project, while being respectful of their first intentions".

French architect Manuelle Gautrand was the guest of honor at the conferences. Lafarge UHPC/Ductal® representatives, Romain Delpont and Jean-Aimé Shu, also attended in support of Bearch, presenting the material and its vast range of potential possibilities to more than a hundred architects. 

Salma Ziadi further explains: "A project should be designed in UHPC from the beginning. Working hand-in-hand with Lafarge representatives allows us to obtain feedback and assistance whether designing the moulds or on the project costing. They can also help with the contact of experienced engineering design firms for the proper calculation of UHPC elements."

A genuine synergy between owners and builders, from design to completion, facilitates integration of the UHPC material, as well as the technical and installation dimensions. The aim is to offer more competitive solutions, since they are defined globally, adapted to each new project and respectful of the architects' wishes.