Rabat-Salé Airport: mashrabiya in Ductal® UHPC


The project

The Moroccan Airport Authority entrusted the architect, Zhor Jaidi Bensouda of Klarté International, with the redevelopment of the Rabat-Salé Airport. The project included conception of a 1,600 m² mashrabiya façade, acting as both an envelope and sunshades. The panel design follows a traditional and cultural pattern: the Moroccan star.

The unique lattice-style panels, produced in white Ductal® with organic fibres, are 1.75 m wide, 3.75 to 5.25 m high, and 10 cm thick. The rate of perforation is 70%. It is with this project that Ductal® UHPC was used for the first time on the African continent; the material permitting the creation of elements that reflect the architectural tradition of the Arabian world.

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