Venteprivé Ductal® Latticework Panels


Commissioned directly by venteprivé CEO Antoine Grangon for architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the building known as Le Vérone proudly shows off a lattice façade in white Ductal®, visible along the A1 highway across from the Stade de France, on the outskirts of Paris. The visibility exposure it recieves is exceptional: every day nearly 45,000 cars drive by the remarkably airy Ductal® lacework which subtly entwines Pucci de Rossi’s calligraphy of the company’s monogram: 

Each Ductal® lattice panel is reinforced with stainless steel fiber and measures a standard length of 4 meters with a thickness of 10 centimeters. The cross section of the web is flat on the back but rounded in the front in order to soften the light that passes through the designer’s lattice concept. 

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