Dominique Alba, Director of the Arsenal Pavilion


Dominique Alba is Director of the Arsenal Pavilion, the center for information, documentation and exhibitions on city planning and architecture for the City of Paris. The Pavilion is a public building which utilizes Ductal® to exhibit its collections on a unique, continuous surface.


Was it easy for you to accept the choice of using concrete, a mineral solution, that architect Finn Geipel proposed for the renovation of your display space?

Yes it was, for the choice was totally consistent with his project and with our identity. It worked beautifully in the relation which exists between what we exhibit and who we are.


Ductal® offered the very best solution to meet our needs

Dominique Alba

What was it about Ductal® that immediately attracted you?

Its discretion, its capacity to be used as it is, in the rough, without paint, without the addition of other materials. Thanks to Ductal®, we were able to work on staging which used very little "visible" technology. For example, lighting is based on a very simple system which is not seen in the Ductal® shell.

Did the additional cost pose a problem?

The higher cost in undeniable, but all things are relative. Ductal® offered the very best solution to meet our needs, and provides the service that we require in this type of exhibition space. The achievement of one continuous surface where we can display images from the ground up actually increased our display space by 10%, which, in the very heart of Paris, is priceless.

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