Interview with Scott D. Harrigan, Manager of Engineering at The Fort Miller Co., Inc.

Scott D. Harrigan is in charge of engineering at the Fort Miller Co.,Inc, a concrete precaster interested in expanding the use of their precast bridge components by a synergistic new approach that used LafargeHolcim's Ductal® UHPC as a field cast material to connect the precast pieces in the bridge.


How has LafargeHolcim's collaboration with Fort Miller benefitted your business?    

Innovative products and progressive applications for quality precast concrete have been the foundation for the growth of our company.  When we were approached by LafargeHolcim and asked if we would be interested in participating in the testing of the Ductal® (UHPC) product in an application that was new to our industry in the Northeast, and we learned of the interest from the NYSDOT in evaluating the product, we were more than happy to be a part of it.

The introduction of Ductal® to the structural precast market has made a profound impact on how precast applications are considered. We feel that we have much more freedom to be creative in our proposals to our customers given the confidence we have in Ductal. Our confidence is not only in the product, but in the engineers at LafargeHolcim that provide support for the product applications and our industry.


Our confidence is not only in the product, but in the engineers at LafargeHolcim that provide support for the product applications and our industry.

Scott D. Harrigan

How has this collaboration enabled you to provide better or new solutions for your customers?    

No matter how high the quality of the precast products that we were able to provide our customers, the inherent concern with replacing cast-in-place applications with precast units was the ability to join the individual precast units together in order to transfer load while maintaining a joint that did not have serviceability issues.

Using Ductal® allows us to respond to both of those concerns with confidence. While there are other solutions out there, they have limitations. Ductal® has given us nearly infinite freedom to introduce joints where they are the most constructible, efficient and advantageous in the finished structure. 

In addition to the product's capabilities, we have reaped the benefits of highly qualified engineers that are willing to meet with owner and agency representatives to answer all of their questions and provide technical support for the Ductal® product.

How can LafargeHolcim help Fort Miller to meet the needs of its future customers?    

The technical support from LafargeHolcim is critical to Ductal®'s success now and in the future. We have witnessed the professional manner with which LafargeHolcim representatives develop project applications collaboratively with Fort Miller and our customers.

Our customers depend on us to provide the highest quality service, products and the most economical solution for their construction projects. We consider LafargeHolcim to be a part of the team that instills that confidence in our customers.

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