Living Bridges


The project

Civil engineer and architect Marc Mimram presents "Living Bridges," a study produced in partnership with Lafarge in which he proposes to reinvent urban infrastructure with meaning and "re-lay" the city.

Lengthy research led to the selection of four locations, each incorporating a new way of designing a bridge as an infrastructure with multiple functions. In Shanghai, China, the underside of the "RoofBridge" provides a public space above the road intersection. In New York, USA, a bridge conceived as a "residential megastructure" juxtaposes several functions of public use and accommodation, as it interacts with the city. In Moscow, the "Inhabited Bridge" over the river boldly draws comparison with the legendary image of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy, offering numerous routes and walkways. Lastly, in France, the "Landscape Bridge" in La Courneuve provides a natural device for broadening the horizons of its inhabitants.

Ductal® is an important, essential element to the building strategy and success of this unique project.  The material's range of superior properties including resistance and sleekness make it a high-tech material that enables us to explore less restrictive and more ambitious structural styles than those made with conventional concretes. The original and bold character of the "Living Bridges" project has aroused a great deal of interest in the architectural community.

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