Interview with Laurent Rossez, Head of CERT Structure agency in Angers


Laurent Rossez runs the CERT Structure agency in Angers, one of the first design and engineering firms to use Ductal® to meet highly demanding construction requirements. A few examples are reinforced flooring at the Félix Landreau School in Angers or the ZENITAL® cap on the Cogex building in Vannes.


How long have you known about Ductal®?

We began working with Lafarge in 2000, on feasibility studies. At first we looked at theoretical cases like the prototype Ductal® building displayed at the Bâtimat show in 2001, then on real-life cases using "ATEX" (technical evaluation of experimentation, NDLR), on projects such as the non-reinforced footbridge at the Chryso plant in Sermaises or the reinforcement of the flooring at the Félix Landreau School in Angers.

That was a special case where you showed great resourcefulness...

The school, built in the 1970's, had just been entirely renovated when corrosion was discovered on the reinforced concrete floor over the guard space. The floor could only be consolidated from underneath. 
We chose to keep the main girders and reinforce the structural floor units using optimized Ductal® girders. The girders were light and manually placed, not overloading the floor and avoiding all risk of further corrosion. 
Importantly, the floors have excellent fire resistance, considering Ductal® is non- combustible.


We know how, why and when to use Ductal®

Laurent Rossez

How did you go about making this technological choice ?

We have acquired a good understanding of Ductal® and its market value. We know how, why and when to use Ductal® and provide added value to the projects we work on with architects. 
We guide them to a technology they are not necessarily well aware of. This competence validates the architectural project and the role of the design team. At the same time, the real purpose is to satisfy the client, either through substantial savings or through a reduction in the technological resources used (which has a positive impact on the jobsite schedule). You have to be able to justify the use of Ductal®, focusing on the combination of aesthetic and technical criteria, yet avoid any kind of media-influenced "latest craze" phenomena. Today, we are the leading specifiers for Ductal® in France, with experience on four ATEX projects validated by the Construction Science and Technique Center (CSTB).

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